2nd Chance Checking

Most of us, when we go to open a checking account, will never even imagine that the request will be turned down. Yes this can happen and the reason for that is that you can be on the defaulters list on the Chexsystems.

The Chexsystems is similar to what we have as the credit report companies. This company will have you on the list if you have defaulted on bank related fees or you have been doing some bank related fraud. In most cases the first instance is true though.

Just imagine if you have to live without a bank and have all your money in your pocket. That is why there are banks which will allow you to open the bank account even though you have your name on the Chexsystems.

These accounts are known as 2nd chance checking accounts or fresh start banking accounts. Most of the time you can also get your name removed from the list by just making sure that you have fees paid and getting the bank to put a note in the system that you have paid the dues.

That said a lot of banks have now started to ignore the Chexsystems as most of people on it are not there because of the intention of f doing fraud but because they were ignorant of the fact that they can be denied the opening of a bank account. As the name rightly suggests it is a second chance to have a checking account.

Source by Bruce Victor

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