3 Credit Report Agencies – All 3 Credit Reports and All 3 Credit Scores Online

A FAQ, a frequently asked question, about verification of ones credit rating is how do I work with all three reporting agencies at the same time? If I have to make corrections on their information, do I have to send these items to each one separately? The answer is 'yes' but the solution is very easy. You don't even need the contact information for those three companies anymore, because there are services that reach out to them on your behalf completing all the leg work for you.

In one online click, you can use a service that will provide you a summary from all three companies in one easy to read statement. That statement is sometimes called a 'tri-merged' credit report, or a 'three in one'. There are three credit reporting agencies that are responsible for gathering all the personal and account history available about you. Those bureaus are Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. They all collect data from the same sources but sometimes there are discrepancies, out of date personal information, and incorrect employment timelines.

This is why using an online service that can merge all three agencies information from financial institutions to the courts and place it in one concise location is a time saver. Instead of receiving three different statements, it will be consolidated for you. The data pulled together by Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax will be analyzed and dumped onto one page for that side by side comparison. Your final review may even include a debt analyzer. This will give you several easy to read paragraphs summarizing your personal financial history and explain why your credit rating is good or bad. It is also possible to take this a step further and learn how to repair your score.

A common question is why does each reporting agency come up with differing credit scores. They may weigh the negative and positive factors differently. They may have incorrect info which needs to be identified immediately. Your worthiness is based on the information stored with each of the three unique agencies. It is up to the consumer to ensure that data is current, precise and one and the same within each account. Luckily and hopefully, online services exist to do this for us now. Don't waste your time anymore, improve your credit score and qualify for that loan by using a three in one or tri-merged credit service.

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