3 Credit Reports and Scores – Are You Making A Mistake?

Are you making a mistake? Can you fix it in time? These are two very good questions if you don't already know or have your 3 credit reports and scores.

Let's deal with the first –

Are you making a mistake? I will tell you right now that if you don't know exactly what's on your 3 credit reports, and you don't know exactly what your credit score is, that you are making a huge mistake .

Your creditors know these things about you. Your car insurance company knows these things about you. Every time you fill out a form that has any kind of personal information about you on it – you can bet that the person who you gave that form to know these things about you.

Are you okay with the fact that all of these strangers know that very important information about you and you don't? Probably not, and you shouldn't be. It's your right to know that information about yourself!

Can you fix your credit reports in time?

The truth is, we don't know. It's hard to say – but the longer you have left your credit unattended, the harder it will be to get fixed quickly.

The genuine truth is that you need this information about yourself, not only to protect your past but your future as well. You really should look into your 3 credit reports and scores, and do so urgently.

Why? Every day that ticks by could be another $ 5,000 that someone is putting you into debt. Does that give you the motivation to urgently reveal the truth behind your credit?

To get those reports and scores, you will typically have to provide your email address, and some personal information. Once you do that you will typically get your scores and reports pretty quickly. It's important to be truthful with the information you give to any agency.

Source by Sean J Williams

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