3 Credit Score – Something You Should Know!

Internet search engines constantly reveal that consumers search out information using the phrase 3 credit on score. However, something you should know is that such a phrase is inaccurate since there is not really a 3 credit on score.

There are three separate scores maintained by each of the three credit reporting agencies. These scores are separate from credit reports and consumers will usually have to pay to receive their credit scores. When people speak of a credit score in the singular, what they have reference to is the average of their three credit scores.

Suppose Trans Union gives you a score of 650, Equifax 680, and Experian 640. To get your credit on score, add 650 + 680 + 640 = 1970 then divide this total by 3 and you get the average of 657 which is your credit on score. Most likely, potential creditors will consider your credit on score to be 657 which is less than the national average which Experian says is 693. However, at least you know where you are and you can contact potential creditors to ask what their specific requirements are.

Should you need to improve your score, then click on the link below and read our article, "How to Increase Credit Score." Sometimes a creditor, this is especially true for FHA and other mortgage lenders, will afford you the opportunity to submit in writing a statement why certain items appear on your credit report which caused your score to be lower than expected. You should definitely take advantage of such an opportunity. After all, a credit on score is but a snapshot of your credit at a given moment in time. Your credit score is not the full story of who you are. Still, because of its importance, you should take steps to know your score from each of the credit reporting agencies.

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