3 in One Credit Reports – How to Get FICO Scores From All 3 Major Credit Bureaus in One Report

FICO score is just one of the scores. There are many more apart from this. Your credits keep on changing with time, so you need to check your fico score timely. FICO scores are the most commonly known scores. These are also used by most of the lenders & the lending institutions to calculate your scores.

There are three main bureaus namely Equifax, Trans Union and Experian. Whenever you are planning to review your fico scores, first of all you need to get your FICO Score. There are three major credit bureaus and every individual has 3 reports. Each of these reports has different information because the creditors need to report to just one bureau and they may do so with any of these three bureaus.

3 in One Credit Report

A 3 in One Credit Report combines all the three reports in one document. Here are its benefits

. It is the first step towards the improvement of your FICO score.

. This lists all the required information like the current balances and account standing.

. They include a score too. This three digit number is of great importance.

All the loans you get, its rate of interest is dependent on this report and the three digit number given there.

How to get your 3 in One Credit Report?

. Every city has some local agency all over the country that provides you this 3 in one credit report from all the three bureaus.

. There are various websites too that serve you in this regard. They charge a nominal fee for providing you the same.

. You need to provide certain information like your name, social security number, address, etc. Once all this is verified the report is sent to you through email.

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