3 Tips On How To Open Checking Accounts With No Credit Check

Nowadays, it is much easier to open checking accounts with no credit check than it once was. Many who are in search of an account have possibly written bad checks, been through credit troubles and may be in ChexSystems. With all of those things in mind, we've entered into a time where multiple options are always available to the consumer. It is always recommended that you do thorough research on anything you come across out there. With that said, what are 3 tips you could use right now to help you successfully open a checking account with no credit check?

1. You can take a visit to your local credit union. Many times your local credit union will make a rocky credit history much of an issue. And that's if they check your credit at all. One benefit of credit unions is that many offer as many banking options as the big banks and many do not charge for online banking.

2. You could open an account online. You can start by going with some of the big banks and seeing if they offer an online application process. If this does not work for you, there are always guaranteed accounts for checking services available to you. Many times they only require that direct deposit be setup upon setup of your account. This could be a huge benefit to you in the form of convenience.

3. You may need to open a savings account first. Many banks will allow you to open a savings account much easier than a checking. I you have some money to deposit you many consider holding these funds in a savings account for a period of time with the bank. Once you have established a "relationship" with that particular bank, go ahead and request that a checking account be setup in your name.

Being without a bank account these days is much like heading out into the world with no clothing to protect you. It's inconvenient and it just plain sucks. If you'll try these three options, you'll soon have your very own checking account in no time.

Source by Erika Finks

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