5 Student Credit Card Application Form Mistakes

You will be surprised to know the number of people who apply for a credit card and get rejected. The reasons for rejection are many. Companies can reject your application for mistakes made while filling the form. Sometimes people continue to make the same mistakes again and again and rejections continue. Here are some student credit card application form mistakes which can be altered.

Bank History

For a usual card, a good bank history is a must. But students frequently don't possess a good bank history as they don't have the means to pay their bills. That is why it is essential that they opt for specifically designed college students cards.

Mistakes In Writing

This is a quite common reason is the mistakes made while filling the credit card application form. There are various numbers to be filled and numerous questions to be answered. You can make an error while typing. All these can be corrected if you read the rejection letter carefully.

Bank Report

More often than not, there is a mistake in the bank report. This type of error cannot be corrected by you. It is a matter for the bank to handle.

Steady Income

You need a steady income to apply for a card. If you don't fulfill this requirement, you are likely to face rejection by company. You need a steady income to enable you to pay the bills immediately. Your income is determined by your experience and the time you have been working. If you are a new employee, your wages may not be enough to satisfy the card company.

Using The Card

Getting your application form approved is only a small victory after all the barriers have been removed. The difficult part is using it wisely. You can invite trouble if you start on a spending spree without realizing that you will have to pay for it later. Using the current card unwisely leads to the rejection of the credit card application form while applying for a new one.

Source by Kashish Bhatia

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