A Credit Card For Your Dog?

Stories abound about dogs and cats getting credit cards through the mail. Although this does not happen as often as it did in years past, credit cards for dogs, other pets and even dead people are still issued. Many people think that they can use these credit cards without worry. However, enacting a credit card for your dog is illegal.

Credit cards for the dead are just as illegal. Although there are many people who apply for credit cards for dead relatives and end up getting them. Using these credit cards is a crime. It is fraud and can land you in jail. If you are thinking of using a credit card under false pretenses, you are committing a fraud.

What drives people to get credit cards under false pretenses? In most cases, they have debt that they want to get rid of. What few realize is that is very easy to trace the illegal cards back to someone who profits from them.

If you have bad credit, you are better off to seek out credit repair. A credit repair service is a legal way to get yourself out of debt and does not involve fraud. If you have bad credit and find yourself in a bind, you should act in a legal manner to try to restore your credit.

Other people get credit cards for their kids. While most credit card companies are more careful when it comes to issuing credit to just about anyone, some are still making the same mistakes and issuing credit blindly. Any time that you get a card under false pretenses, such as those for someone else, you are committing a fraud. Even if the bank sends you a card for your dog, you should not use it.

Use credit rewind to get your own credit back to where it should be so that you can obtain credit legally. Instead of looking for loopholes in the system and exposing yourself to a charge of fraud, use methods to restore your credit through credit repair.

It is easier than you think to get your credit back to the way it was before you found yourself in debt. You do not have to look to sneaky ways to try to repair your credit. You can do so legally if you find a professional company that will help you with a credit rewind. This is a much better alternate than trying to use your dog or dead relative to get you out of debt.

Source by Michelle Anne Williams

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