Adverse Credit Remortgages Explored

Adverse credit remortgage are also known as bad credit, poor credit, sub prime or non-status adverse credit remortgage. Plus in some cases these types of remortgages can be provided at lower interest rates than what you are currently paying. A remortgage may also be used to provide funds or to get a loan on the increased equity in home or property.

Remortgages can come in handy for a number of reasons. For example they are the perfect solution when you need to raise money or even save money. Remortgages can also consolidate debts into one loan that is easier and cheaper to manage. In fact bad credit remortgages account for a significant element of all mortgage lending and given the amount of lenders you can be sure to find a low rate deal.

Remortgaging to consolidate your existing debt is a sound reason as paying off those debts will also improve your credit rating in the long run. Paying off your debts and making mortgage repayments on time will substantially improve your credit rating. Have you considered an adverse credit remortgage to consolidate your debts. For this reason, a remortgage could help you to reduce your current mortgage payments, or to borrow additional capital at a better rate in order to help clear other debts. Many lenders offer these mortgages as bad credit debt consolidation loans. Of course it can be extremely stressful to battle a number of debts and try to improve your credit rating at the same time. A company will specialize in offering you bad debt loans that are quick and easy and they will strive to ensure that the process is smooth and without any hassle.

If you have adverse credit due to past credit problems such as CCJ's, a bankruptcy, IVA, mortgage arrears or others, mainstream mortgage lenders will most likely reject you. Lenders are wary of negative or adverse credit rating. Those with a poor credit rating are placed in a 'high-risk' category by mortgage lenders and as a result many applications may be turned down. Adverse credit may put you at a disadvantage but it's certainly no obstacle; in recent years the mortgage market in the UK has seen a steady increase in the number of adverse credit lenders; for the consumer, more competition means better rates.
These specialist lenders take on a greater risk for the life of your remortgage and hence why you will see higher interest rates on these types of remortgages.


The benefits of an adverse credit remortgage include saving money by having a fixed rate remortgage or discount remortgage rate, debt consolidation on existing credit or raising cash for home improvements, a new car, business etc. It is also very important to consider the implications of such a remortgage. For example lenders offering low interest rates may revert back to a standard rate after a short period of time. In this age of stiff competition you just have to look around to find the remortgage that is right for you.

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