Algorithms on Credit Score – What You Need to Know

What is Algorithms and The Relation to Credit Score

For example, Equifax uses BEACON score method while Experian, another well-known credit agents, use their Experian / Fair Isaac Risk Model to find out their client's score. Trans Union usually uses EMPIRICA scoring method. As you can see, different credit companies apply different algorithm on their calculations.

Another analogy on algorithm is that you can treat it like your school progress report chart (the credit report) which different percentages are assigned to certain categories that those companies are counted on. And if you did something beneficial to certain categories, your credit score will be improved. Your overall score depends on the total percentages you received in each categories.

How Algorithms Works?

Nearly 35% of the overall credit score percentage is based on the payment procedure you have paid back to the bankers. For example, they will see when did you pay them, how much is left out and how much did you paid, so that the credit score companies can based on this algorithms to figure out your financial position.

Another 30% is about your debt. For example, credit agents will see how much debt you owe to them, how much debt is on your car and home. By the way, if you have many credit cards, your credit score will be lower.

Looking For Long Term Success

Most of the time everything is good when we are looking at long term and, it will help you to get a long term benefit and time will provide another necessary predictions on your payments.

The time factor like this only counts on 15%. The remaining percentages are counted on numerous factors. For example, credit score company will look at your application and information on your credit cards at the time you apply for credit. Moreover, they will also want to know how many credit cards you currently have. That means you want a loan at any cost so it can hamper your credit evaluation. At last but not the least, these percentages on different categories are about all the recent credits you are dealing with.

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