Alternatives For Filing Bankruptcy

The term bankruptcy conjures up an image of someone publicly disgraced and broke. When in deep debts, one might feel that bankruptcy is their only hope. But bankruptcy alternative can help you eliminate debt without encountering any negative publicity.

Why should you consider bankruptcy alternative?

Bankruptcy has many undesirable consequences that will trail your life for long. It will remain on your credit report for nearly 10 years due to which no reputed lender will consider you as a borrower. There is a lot of negative publicity involved with a bankruptcy as well. The advent of technology has made available information and help for a debtor who is considering bankruptcy alternative with a simple click. The debtors must research before they choose a bankruptcy alternative to ensure that it does not have much worse consequences.

Bankruptcy Alternatives:

o Consolidation loans: You can consolidate all your debts into one affordable and easy to manage monthly payment with consolidation loans. These loans speed up paying time and reduce your monthly bills to a great extent. Consolidation loans will also help get harassing creditors off your back and help you avoid bankruptcy.

o Out-of-Court Settlement: The debtor can also opt to settle his/her unsecured debt at a reduced amount through an out-of-court settlement. Independent advisors who work with various companies will help negotiate an out-of-court settlement with your creditor.

o Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA): IVA stands for Individual Voluntary Agreement. It was introduced as a part of the Insolvency Act of 1986 and is a legally approved debt solution. When you opt for an IVA as a debt solution, you enter in to an agreement with your creditors. An Insolvency Practitioner helps to formulate your IVA. It will help freeze your high interest debts and ensure that you are debt free in five years or less without any negative publicity.

o Credit Counseling: Credit counseling agencies will deal with your creditors. They will negotiate lower interest rates and comfortable repayment options to suit your pocket. Credit counseling will offer all the information and help you need to deal with your debts. Whatever you choose as an alternative to bankruptcy, act fast! There are a number of online services which can help you with your queries. They will be able to achieve the results that you were unable to achieve on your own. Apart from avoiding bankruptcy right now, it is important to understand how you can avoid the pitfalls of debt in the future.

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