An Example of an Effective Credit Dispute Letter

The most effective way to report disputes in your credit report are by sending written letters containing disputing accounts that you want deleted to the three credit bureaus.

Take for example; an account older than seven years still exists in your credit report permanently the Fair Credit Reporting Act which states that account older than seven years should be deleted from your report. To resolve this, you can write a credit repair letter to the bureaus requesting that the account be deleted.

Note that for every dispute found a separate letter should be written. You should also include a copy of your driver's license with your letter.

Here is an example of such a letter.

Equifax Consumer Services
To Whom it may Concern,
My Name Is Tim Brown, my current address is 1210 gold street, Silver Spring, MD 21204. My SSN is 123-34-4567 and my DOB is 12/11/80.

On reviewing a recent copy of my credit report, I noticed two accounts listed which have been closed for more than seven years. As you are aware that the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires accounts older than seven years to be deleted from credit reports, In compliance with this Act I would like you to please delete these two accounts from my credit report as soon as possible.

Here are the details of the accounts that I am referring to:
Citifinancial Mastercard:

Attached to this letter is a copy of my driver's license and social security card to verify my identity. I would appreciate a copy of my updated report sent to me as soon as the correction is made.
Thanks for your cooperation with regards to this matter.

Ken Washington.

Source by Tony Banks

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