Annual Credit Report Request Form – How to Request For Your 3 Credit Scores in 1 Report For Free

Annual credit report request form is required by an individual when he wants to check his credit ratings. It is very essential to avail the annual report due to numerous reasons the prominant among them is the detection of identity thefts. It is also a fact that the issues of fraudulance would also get wiped off if each and every citizen initiates to check the annual credit report without fail.

Is it necessary to check the Annual Credit Report?

Well the answer is yes. The report would actually act as the gateway which would help you to fulfill all your wishes without any failure. As a matter of fact, if you possess good status then your can lay your hands on the best loan programs and avail the best rates of interest. Furthermore, checking the status before applying for a loan would also help you to rectify your score by 50-100 points as there are many easy methods of doing so.

How to request for your 3 Credit Scores in 1 report for free?

Americans are actually entitled to avail free credit reports from the three major bureaus every year. The three national bureaus ie, Equifax, Transunion and Experian provide free copy of report to the consumers once in every twelve months. It is also a fact that the reports of these three national bureaus are not necessarily the same. You are actually required to check all the three reports to make sure that you are maintaining a good profile. Moreover, a healthy profile would help you to grab the best loan programs and that too too at the best rates. This is particularly because the lenders before approving the loan check the status to analyze how the consumer has utilized his credit in the past.

As per the 2003 Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) a consumer is entitled to get a report from all the three major bureaus at least once in a year. Moreover, these reports would just add to your advantage. Now in order to request for 3 fico scores in 1 report for free one can seek the support of the Online medium. It would definitely help you to get a clear idea of ​​your status and offer you the scope to rectify it at ease.

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