Annual Credit Report Request Service – Get Your Annual FICO Credit Score and Report Free of Cost

The task of the Annual credit report request service is to forward the requests of consumers who file for free annual credit cards to the concerned agencies of national credit reporting. This service is actually not entitled to fulfill the appearances forwarded by the consumers. In fact, the national agencies would fulfill the request of the consumers in accordance with their concerned internal procedures.

Get your Annual FICO Credit Score and Report free of cost

When a consumer wants free credit report then he can visit the website which has been designed by the government for the benefit of the people. Moreover, on 2003 FACTA passed a law which stated all the bureaus should provide a copy of credit card to every citizen at least once a year upon their request. That one can get his Fico score and report for free of cost.

What is FICO Credit Score?

The FICO score can be referred to as the most important number in your financial life. Actually, the bureau scores are referred to as the FICO scores. This is particularly because in US most of the credit scores are developed with the support of high-end software called Fair Isaac and Company. These scores can prove to be the best guide as one can easily determine the credit status at ease. However, one thing needs to be stated here and that is no score actually lists a concern individual as a bad or good customer.

Does the FICO score changes over the time?

As soon as the concerned data changes at the credit reporting agency, a new score would compliment your report. As such your FICO score would not be the same as it was a month ago.

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