Annual Free Credit Score Report – Quick, Easy and Secure

They say that some of the best things in life are free, and this is certainly true when it comes to viewing your credit report. This report is a detailed account of your entire credit history, and it provides you with something known as your credit score. This score is a three digit number that all creditors are going to look at before making any decisions about extending you credit or giving you a loan. Needless to say, with all of this important information in one place, you are going to want to gain access to it.

While you may think that something as packed with information as this would cost you quite a bit of money to be able to obtain. However, in this case you would luckily be wrong. The truth is that you are able to get a free look (and print out if you wish) of your credit report from three different credit bureaus once per year. The bureaus are required by federal law to allow you to see your score once per year. This means that you will never have to pay them for this information if you choose. However, if you decide to view your report more often than that, then you would have to pay a small fee to be able to do this.

Getting your report from the online bureaus will be much faster, easier, and more secure if you do so online. An increasing number of people are going this route rather than trying to obtain a copy from their local bureau's offices. It seemsly makes a lot more sense to do it this way. All of your information is right there waiting for you when you choose to obtain it online. This is quicker than any other way. The security that the internet has around this information is also top flight. In fact, as soon as you close out of the browser while viewing your report, your free viewing is over for the year. This means that you can just exit out of your computer when you are finished looking at your report and it will be protected from anyone else trying to access it.

The most important thing for you to remember is that it is important to view your report as often as possible, particularly if it is free. Your financial person is locked into what your score is, so it is important to remember to become aware of your score.

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