Applying For a Business Credit Card With No Personal Credit?

Finding a business credit card with no personal credit is tricky because you will need to consider a number of things. For the most part, you need to have a satisfactory level of credit scores from at least three credit reporting agencies. In order for you accomplish the first step is to search for credit card companies and dealers that can offer you even a small credit without the use of your personal credit as basis.

After you have found credit card companies and dealers, you have to make sure that each should present a business payment history to the credit bureaus. Because by reporting to these bureaus, you are slowly establishing credit scores. So, your company should at least be registered on three different credit bureaus. And after that, you must complete the requirements needed for the basic lender approval or everything will go to waste.

Completing the basic lender approval requirements is easy by simply presenting a business license or a phone line. If you are unable to present these simple requirements, your application to get a business credit card with no personal credit will be declined.

Before your business credit card with no personal credit gets approved, you have to maintain a good business credit and make sure that your business and accounts are all right and in order. You also have to fill out a form of assets collateral coverage. But before you apply, ask your lender first about the application to make things easier for you. Once you have everything all set, you might soon find yourself holding your long-awaited business credit card.

Source by John F Smith

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