Bad Credit Bank Accounts – No Credit Checks Guaranteed

If you've had financial difficulties before, you're not alone. A surprising number of people struggle financially at some point in their life, and we're not just talking about going into an overdraft. Many people fall into the trap of high levels of credit card debt, so their credit rating gets adversely affected and this damages their future ability to lend. If you've had problems in the past, a number of banks simply won't accept you based on your history. However, some will talk to you because they understand that sometimes these difficulties are unavoidable. These banks are much more understanding, but will also understand the risk they are taking on by letting you bank with them, therefore there will often be higher charges and lower interest rates than if you were banking with a high street bank.

Guaranteed acceptance banking is quite a new concept, since the issue of credit card debt has only really become a major problem in the last decade or so. However, some of these banks have built up solid reputations for offering services to people who have had serious difficulties in the past. The key part of any bank like this is that there are no credit checks. No matter how bad your credit history may have been before, you'll be able to bank with a guaranteed acceptance bank.

These banks will also be able to help you manage your money much better than a high street bank. This is primarily because they understand the issues that you'll be facing, and will not look down on your for having a poor financial history. They will be able to help you set up standing orders and other payments in order to pay your bills, whilst also giving you a number of options for cash deposits and withdrawals. Many of these banks will give you the chance to own a prepaid debit card, which you can load money on to in order to spend online or on the high street.

You'll generally find that there is simply a one-off fee when you open the account; other than that the bank will not charge you any money at all for banking with them (apart from potential overdraft fees, depending on the bank). This represents a fantastic way to get back on track with your money, allowing you extra freedom and the ability to start from a clean state. These bank accounts are changing people's lives as they give people a chance to take control of their finances once more. They are often extremely professional companies who spend more time on customer service than other regular banks, so you'll be in much better and more understanding hands than you may have been in before.

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