Bank Account With Bad Credit

Want to open a bank account with bad credit? You need to look for a bank that does not do a ChexSystems credit check.

Now, finding such a bank is difficult these days. For security reasons, banks don't publicly list whether they use ChexSystems or not. You can assume that most major bank chains all use ChexSystems. If you want to find a local bank that does not, you will have to call every bank in your area and ask. Few banks don't 'use this system, however.

The other option is to look at second chance banking. A second chance bank account is a special online internet checking account that is given to people without a ChexSystems credit check. This account is free from any sort of credit check – so anyone can qualify.

Now because a second chance account is an internet account you may feel there are some shortcomings, but there are none. A second chance checking account offers you all the financial options you are used to with a traditional account.

You can deposit, withdrawal, and transfer money. You are also given a debit card linked to your online checking account. You can use this to make purchases.

Second chance bank accounts do have higher banking fees, however – so be aware. But if you need a checking account and you have bad credit, you will want to look at getting a second chance bank account. These bad credit bank accounts can give people a fresh start in life and the ability to have access to all the normal financial options that are required today.

Source by Johnathan D Davidson

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