Bank Accounts For People With Bad Credit History

There are a lot of people who can't get bank accounts because of their past credit history. The high street banks are very particular about who they give a bank account to nowadays. People get refused bank accounts because of there credit score, now this could be down to some thing as simple as a late payment on a finance agreement, and it makes no difference even if you have paid the payment, things like this stay on your credit report for years.

Most of us need a bank account, they are essential for our every day financial business, like getting are salary's paid into and paying bills, without a bank account life can be a little awkward.

So how do people in this situation get a bank account, there are a couple of options for people who have a bad credit score, the first is to use a credit repair service, how this works is the credit repair company searches your credit file, and amends any old or out of date entry's and removes them, so your credit file is clear and you can proceed with any credit applications you wish, ie bank accounts, credit cards etc. But there are limits to what they can remove, mortgage defaults and bankruptcy files normally can't be removed, but you wont know that until you pay the credit repair company there fee.

If you have ever been bankrupt you will find it hard to get any type of credit or bank account, lenders don't want to touch people who have been bankrupt. The other option is to use the services of a company who specialize in bank accounts for people who have been bankrupt or have a poor credit score.

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