Becoming Free of the Bankrupt Mentality

As the truth of our shakey American and global economy comes to the surface, we each get the opportunity to see how we're handling our own finances, how we're possibly living on shakey grounds financially, where we want to run and ask for someone to "bail" us out from living a life of excessive credit and no plan for payback.

Over six years ago I became another statistic that I'm not proud of. I joined the millions who couldn't manage their financial side of life and bailed out. Bankruptcy seemed like the only way out of the financial mess I was in that seemed to happen overnight but in reality, had I been awake, I could have seen it coming and altered my course, producing a different outcome.

With a world where money and credit is the life-blood that keeps everything going it is no mystery as to why bankruptcy filings continue to soar, especially here in the United States. Over 88,000 individuals in the US filed some form of bankruptcy in the month of September of 2008, an increase of over 28% from September 2007. It is no mystery that we continue to use this "bailout" program at an escalating rate when you understand that bankruptcy comes about because of one thing … scarcity consciousness.

The option of bankruptcy came into my world because I was out of ideas, out of energy, out of any vision for my life. I was swimming in the sea of ​​scarcity where abundance and prosperity were way beyond my reach and was something that existed for only the elite few.

The word bankrupt implies that there is a lack of something. One can be bankrupt of character, bankrupt of emotion, bankrupt of fortitude. Being bankrupt of anything indicates a degree of scarcity that has reached a momentum seemingly beyond one's control – there are no other options but to "throw in the towel."

When I threw in the towel I felt great relief at the same time feeling great shame. I had always been very responsible with loans, paying off many car loans on time, business loans and the like. So on the day two men drove away from our house we were renting, one of them driving our 2-year-old car, I felt like a complete failure, lying to my four-year-old daughter when I said, "we just decided we didn't need the car anymore, honey. "

We live in a world where scarcity consciousness is king and competition and greed rules. Water rationing, limited oil supplies, not enough clean air to breathe, not enough food to eat, not enough jobs, not enough money and now not enough credit flowing. It is a lie that is perpetuated by everyone who continues to believe that it is true and by believing in limited supply we perpetuate the appearance that it is true.

In Wallace Wattle's book, "This Science of Getting Rich" he writes about the infinite nature of the Universe and how "the visible supply is practically inexhaustible; and the invisible supply really IS inexhaustible!" When the need for more is apparent the Unlimited Source will show us where to get it. But this truth has been covered over and the majority of humanity has bought into the story that "there's just not enough to go around."

Now when this global lie permeates your personal life and you believe "I'm just not enough" or "I'm just out of ideas" or I don't have enough money "what is happening is you are aligning energetically with the matrix of scarcity which can only produce more scarcity.

As my wife and I began to regain our strength, wipe the cobwebs from our minds and chip away at the armor covering the magnificence that laid within our hearts, we gradually, day by day, began to retool our beliefs and began to take action towards proving the truth that Life is naturally abundant and this abundance is everywhere around, us all the time – we just get to train ourselves to see it.

Now six and a half years later we have turned our beliefs around, cleared the emotional clutter from our hearts, and live from the perspective of infinite prosperity and abundance. From having to decide to pay for firewood or food and living in a 700 sq. ft. home with racoons in the attic, to having a 5-bdrm. home 2 cars, one paid for, and a nearly perfect credit score we are well on our way to leaving the world of bankrupt behind … forever!

Failures can be a blessing if you learn from them; a curse if you repeat them. If you have reached the point of being tired of believing "there's not enough" I invite you to look within your heart to find your own map that will guide you in a new direction towards prosperity and abundance of all good things. Are you ready or do you still believe the world is flat?

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Source by Steven Wand

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