Building a Budget With Credit #3 – Get Away From Debt

The pull is like gravity, as your expenses build up and you have to borrow more and more money, especially on the credit cards, you feel yourself getting closer to debt. Many people think that when you owe money you are in debt, but this is not true. True debt is when you owe more money than you can afford to pay, mainly with monthly bills. If your monthly mortgage, car payments, and charge card minimum payments are more than you can afford to pay, then you are in the hole. If you feel yourself being pulled in that direction and want a quick way to avoid it you need to simply plan a budget.

A budget is a great way to take the money you currently earn, and help it be more useful to you, especially when it comes to paying bills on time every month. Your budget begins where most should, with your credit score. Your score may not seem like an important thing but it can help you modify a loan for a lower interest rate and that can save you thousands of dollars a year. However, because you have been late and struggling to make payments you probably do not have the score you would need to get approved for a modification. That’s when you turn to credit repair to fix your score, and fix it fast. Credit repair is the fastest way to fix any number no matter the reason it was lowered. The process is easy and affordable, and can be done in weeks.

The nest step is to go through your expenses, things like car and health insurance, internet, cable, and phones. These things are all easy to reduce even if you are under contract. The provider you are with wants you to stay, they are desperate for you to stay, so by simply calling them you can find a lower rate or a new deal that gives you more bang for your buck. It may not be a fun way to spend the day, but you’ll feel better when it comes time to pay the bills.

By David George

Source by David Lee George

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