Building Your Highest Credit Score Ever in 2010

Your credit score is figured out by subtractions made to a baseline score due to negative reports sent in by your previous creditors or even your current creditors. Even one missed payment can get a negative report from a credit card company sent in to agencies.

Your first step to improve your credit score is to contact a reporting agency and ask for your report. Anyone can contact an agency online through Internet connections or from a report sent to you by a credit card company that has refused you.

Step two is to communicate directly with the credit reporting agency either by Internet, on the phone or by mail that you want a list of all the negative credit reports sent by companies that have impacted your credit score. If you contact a credit reporting agency online, you can begin immediately to follow their instructions and begin to look at your credit history as documented by their agencies files. If you call or write, you will be sent a form that has to be filled out, returned and your printed out copy of your personal credit history will be mailed to you.

Step three is to try and arrange with each negative reporter to satisfy his credit complaint against you. If you feel that the report is false, you can contact the credit agency directly and inform them and also give an explanation why you believe that report to be false. The credit reporting agency will actually go step by step through your completed documentation and will erase those negative scores if they agree with you. If not, they will contact you and you can take further action.

Step four is to begin to cancel those credit cards that are no longer necessary to your day to day existence. Cancel as many cards as possible and try to pay off all the cards that have a small balance and high interest rates. You can improve your credit by getting a card from a department store that you frequent and paying your balance off every month until your rating is where you would like it to be.

Source by Julian Hooks

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