Causes Of Bad Credit Reports

The importance of a positive, error-free credit report should never be overlooked. This becomes all the more important when circumstances are such that it becomes imperative for you to borrow money.

Yet it has generally been observed that many people remain blissfully unaware of the errors in their credit scores. The problems become more compounded when you realize that these errors could have been easily avoided or should not have been there in the first place. Imagine a situation when you want a loan for financing your house, a car, or any such major purchase, and it is declined because of a bad credit report. To avoid this, it is better for you do a regular check to see if your finances are in order in all respects.

There can be many causes for a bad credit report. For example, you may have an unpaid bill from your college years. Now, you cannot get a loan until the bill is fixed. There may be other scenarios. Consider a situation in which your spouse used your credit card to pay the bills. For whatever reason there is a divorce and you are left to pay the bills you cannot afford. This will definitely lead to a black mark in your report. Then there may be a situation in which you got some repair work done in your house, but refused to settle the bill because the work was not to your satisfaction. The irate contractor could end up placing an enquiry on your credit card history.

Sometimes the black marks could be there for no fault of yours. This can be in the case of an automatic bill pay service, which for some malfunctioning did not send you a bill. The result will be an overdue payment.

These are causes that can be avoided if you check your finances regularly and ensure that everything is in order.

Source by Thomas Morva

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