Check Credit Report – Government Mandated Free Credit Report

The ability to check your credit report online has become easier than ever in recent years. The government has mandated free credit report information to be viewable to the average citizen at least once per calendar year. This has proven to be a major asset for many individuals that never truly understood their financial history and how their three digit scores were determined.

With access to their reports more people than ever are finding ways to repair their finances and strive toward solvency. Unfortunately, with the ease of this access some individuals have fallen prey to online scam companies that tout themselves as a reporting agency but really spend their time trying to lure in unsuspecting individuals. These poor unfortunate souls will avail themselves of seemingly solid financial advice or even accept a loan that seems to be in good faith. Then not long after it is accepted the interest rates rise dramatically or a large number of hidden fees are found. The individual that borrowed this money is now in worse shape than ever financially.

However, on a more fortunate level of business interaction there are also honest companies that specialize in helping an individual discover their rating and scores. These companies often offer free trials on a membership basis. This will allow an individual to view their credit report and get their scores as often as they like during this period for free. If they enjoy the easy access to their information they can simply keep working with the service. If they do not feel the need to continue with them then they may simply cancel their membership subscription before the trial period runs out. These sorts of companies also offer financial advice and sometimes they will negotiate debt settlements and offer consolidation loans as well. Unlike the scam sites these companies are known for their integrity and generally do not have hidden fees or highly variable interest rates. They usually work with a set interest rate and a repayment plan for the loan that is well within reason.

No matter what the reason an individual might have to search for their rating and scores they will find it much easier to do online. There is no need to spend time in a long bank line or have to deal with snide financial services in person. The entire process of acquiring your information happens online and in the comfort of your own home.

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