Check Your Credit Rating – The Reasons You Should Pull Your Report Twice a Year!

When it comes right down to it you already know that there are many reasons that you are judged by your credit every single time you try to make a financial decision and even for employment anymore. This is why you have to check your credit rating at least twice a year. There are many things that you have to understand about credit and why you have to keep yours under control and check it from time to time. Here are some helpful credit tips for you.

1. Understanding your Report

It would do you very little good to pull your credit report twice a year if you have no idea what it means and how to read it. There are two basic categories that will consume the majority of your report, the paid on time side, and the not paid on time side. The paid on time side will be listed first and it will have all the different debts, credit cards, and loans that you are currently paying on and you are on time with. The not paid on time side will be all the different debts that you have ever paid on late, even if it was just one payment.

2. What to look for when you check your credit rating

Your actual rating is also known as your FICO score. This is what you are judged on and when you check your credit rating you need to be looking to see what is on your report. You need to make sure that your report is correct and all the debts listed are yours. If there are debts on your report that do not belong to you, then you need to contact the credit bureau and get these debts off your report.

3. Changing your Rating

The best way to change your rating when it comes to credit is to pay off debts on the not paid on time or delinquent side of your report. You do not have to pay off the largest debts to get your rating to go up. If you have any smaller debts on this side of your report you can pay them off one by one and this will help you to raise your FICO score and get to the point where getting financing is easier.

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