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Credit cards have become a part of our daily life and these days you will hardly find anyone without a credit card. There are good and bad uses of cards and it is important for people to know the difference. One of the advantages of cards are that they enable you to purchase an expensive item right a way, with the option of paying for it over a period of time. This can be used wisely or abused. Credit cards help in building credit history as well and the better the credit history, the higher are your chances to get loans at a lower rate than others. But it is important to use them wisely.

Recently a new kind of card has been introduced. It has some of the features of the old credit card but also has some differences. It is available for people living in cities in USA. With this card you can shop in specific stores that are included in the card. This is advantageous to consumers that do not have money in their pockets. The city credit card looks like a normal card and has similar functions. It may have a high interest rate and sometimes people wonder what the point is of having such a card, since like other credit cards it may land you in a lot of debt. It is obvious that this card will have some inbuilt advantages or else people would not be using it.

The advantage that the city credit card has is that it has other unique advantages that are not available in other cards. It gives you special discounts in stores that you may like to shop. This is a huge advantage to you since you can end up saving a lot of money and shopping in the store of your preference. The one disadvantage is that you can only use this card in the city you live in. But in the broader and long term perspective ultimately you will end up helping the people of your city / community. The city credit card can give you reduced rates of interest on travel and leisure. The other benefits of this card are that you may get free invitation to concerts and festivals, dinners in your city / neighborhood. These are great perks for people to enjoy and winning combination of benefits for people.

There is a great deal of controversy regarding these cards since it seems unfair for people who live in smaller cities and may not be able to get this advantage. There must be some fairness and opportunity given to people from smaller cities as well. It is important to address this issue before it becomes a reason for discontentment. The city credit card is a great idea for businesses that need to draw attention of their target audience. This can result in greater savings for people living in big cities and help them in balancing out the higher taxes etc that they pay.

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