Clean Credit Up – Disputing Derogatory Items on Your Credit Report

To clean credit up after the mess of financial problems I had wasn't going to be easy. I always looked at credit in one, single minded way. What's my fico score and is it high enough for what I needed to do? That was about all I knew about credit. My little understanding of credit left me lost when it came time to dispute credit to clean it up.

You're probably going to read about disputing accounts and what have you, when you look online about cleaning credit up. What many times you don't understand is that not all accounts are disputable. I started disputing accounts blindly and had no success. It wasn't until I found useful information that helped me understand the difference between what I could dispute and what I couldn't that I stopped wasting my time and started to see results.

Once I understood how collection companies, some times, violate our rights by re-aging debt, for example, I was able to dispute effectively. When I learned this, it was like a huge light bulb in my head went off. At that time I was disputing whether or not the account was mine or if the amount was correct, as I usually thought of disputing. No wonder I had no success.

Once I learned the difference I was disputing with actual credit laws on my side and proving to them they were violating my rights. What's the violation, you're probably asking right about now. The violation was the re-aging of my debt. A collection company can not re-start the clock on your debt. They have to pick up the account from where the lender left off. When they re-age the account, they are effectively lengthening the time this account damages your history.

For example, I owed a credit company about 1,500 dollars. They called, and you know how they call, for three months. Then after those three months a collection company started to call. They called me for two months. When the collection company picked up the account they should have taken it with three months of history on the account. Instead, the account was showing only two months of activity. They re-aged my account and were screwing me for three more months than they should be. That's were they violated my rights and the key to how I got the credit bureau to remove it.

When I decided to clean credit up myself, I did it because I knew I needed a better understand of how credit worked. I'm no expert but this little technicality helped me remove several collection companies from my history report.

Source by Rene C. Alexander

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