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With all the information that goes to the three credit reporting agencies, it is inevitable for mistakes to happen. These errors vary from a credit holder's personal information to his / her payment history. In worst cases, the inaccuracy of the report can cause your credit to be denied. Disputing this erroneous information is emotionally exhausting as it may take up to a year before it gets corrected.

"How do I clean up my credit report quickly?" is a common question asked by credit holders to companies that handle credit report clean up services. But you do not have to spend an awful amount of money on professional services just to dispute the inaccurate report of any of the three credit reporting agencies. All you need to have is the proper knowledge and perseverance to have credit bureaus correct the information in your history as quickly as possible.
If I were to have a problem with my credit report, here are some ways I would go about disputing the error:

o If I want to clean up my credit report quickly, my best weapon is to speak and act in a businesslike manner. I will not let my frustration get in the way of resolving the issue. I am more likely to get my issue across clearly if I would not let my emotions get the best of me.

o I would keep any possible temporaryities in mind. I will keep in mind that there is a chance that I will not be able to clean up my credit report quickly. So, to be sure that I have everything covered, I would write down my dispute process as it happens. Keeping track of my dispute will streamline my next course of action, and will make it easier for me to explain myself to representatives that I will be talking to along the way.

o I will only send out communication through registered mail. Having a confirmation that the proper office received my dispute will help me clean my credit report quickly. This will give me power to demand prompt action from the financial institution that made the wrong report. They only have 30 days upon receiving my letter to prove the veracity of their report. If they do not respond within that 30 day period, I have the right to request the credit bureaus to correct the error.

o If all else fail and I need to clean up my credit report quickly to get the loan that I have been hiring for, I would take my campaign to the next level. I would consider chronicling my case on a blog or contacting a reporter to help me with my air out my travails. Financial institutions are more likely to take action to diffuse any controversies that may arise from such actions.

Asking yourself the question, "How do I clean up my credit report quickly?" gives you the exact answer that you are looking for. No one can correct any wrong information in your credit history but yourself. There may be credit repair companies that offer the service, but why spend unnecessarily if you can do it just as quickly by yourself.

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