Common Credit Card Mistakes

Common credit card mistakes

The following article highlights some common mistakes made by credit card holders before, after and during getting a credit card issued.

Before getting the card

Procuring multiple cards

An extremely common mistake made by most inexperienced cardholders, lured by the attractive initial rates of an add-on card or a special discount scheme offered during peak season, they often find themselves in twice as much debt as before.

Not shopping around for the best interest rate

Credit card rates and terms vary greatly. Always ask your issuing bank for all the credit card rates they charge like fuel surcharge, late fees, revolving credit charge etc. The bank's website or customer care service can be used for this function.

Choosing a card for the wrong reasons

Cardholders often get a card issued because of the fringe benefits and reward schemes on offer, even though the rates are higher. A credit card is there to make purchases, not to earn reward points. They should be treated as a bonus, after getting a card with the best rates.

Being misled by introductory rates

Some credit cards, especially of the low-end variety, often have a low or waived initial fee and a modest annual fee for the initial period. However, after the period is over, the rates spiral and increase significantly. The paperwork and forms must be scrutinized carefully by the cardholder for such tricks.

Not reading the SMALL print

Before you sign up, be sure you know the card's interest rate and how it is calculated, the grace period, fee schedule, and other terms. After getting a card issued, pay attention to any updates or notifications sent to you by the bank or the card company.

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