Common Dieting Mistakes

There are many people who never have any success with dieting and then there are those that have limited success, after an uphill struggle.

A large proportion of these will give up almost immediately; others will muster on for years before abandoning all hope. Many blame themselves, either they are weak-willed or just not destined to ever lose weight. That is sad, and an unnecessary blight on themselves, they can and will – with some minor adjustments in their eating habits and a bit of useful advice. Some blame the diet or diets, they have tried – this may have some merit, many diets are complete scams and will never work, but maybe in some cases, the diet could have worked if the dieter had altered some common mistakes they were making, that they were unaware of.

Many dieters, unsuccessful on one style of diet will skip to another, convinced that the previous diet program was incorrect for them and they should have tried the new one from the very start … until that one fails and they move to the next new craze. These dieters can get trapped in a perpetual cycle of leaping headfirst from diet to diet, never stopping to consider that maybe it is something they are doing that is hindering their weight-loss dreams. While they should be admired for their unfaltering optimism, they need to take a reality check – not every single diet can be at fault here, they are making some fundamental mistake somewhere along the line.

As mentioned, there are many occasions where a diet program is to blame. That doesn't necessarily mean that the dieter is still not making some easily-corrected mistake, it just means that without finding a proven, successful and established diet regime, they will never have the chance to discover whether it is something that they are, or are not, doing that is the underlying fault in their failure to lose weight. Certainly, they need to shy away from the new breed of extreme diets – these over-hyped charades rarely work. The rapid weight-loss programs are practically useless for long-term or sustained weight-loss and the majority don't even work in the first place.

It would be advisable, instead, to opt for one of the more popular, and publicly accepted diets that encourage losing no more than a few pounds a week. These diets should work for the majority and will act as an excellent base. If a dieter is unsuccessful, using one of the established diets, then the chances are, the dieter is making one of the fundamental mistakes that many dieters are unaware of and will struggle to ever lose weight, no matter what diet they choose.

To reiterate, the probable cause for unsubstantial weight-loss, when using one of these simplistic diets is unlikely to be a program flaw – the problem will nearly always be that many dieters are unwittingly making simple, common mistakes, which will continually hinder their attempts at losing weight.

It is not as depressing as it sound. Any one of these common mistakes can easily be rectified, once a dieter is aware what they are.

Once a dieter has been shown what the common mistakes are, and learned to correct them, they should soon witness a dramatic increase in actual weight-loss and general well-being. Who knows, maybe those diets that were such failures in the past, may suddenly prove a huge success!

Source by Darren Gray

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