Comparing Identity Protection Companies

I found out the hard way how important it is to compare identity theft protection services. After I began receiving calls from collection agencies wanting money for credit card accounts I never opened, I remember a heavy sensation in my chest. Besides the anger and humiliation I suffered, it was also the feeling that I was about to be completely overwhelmed.

Sure enough, it took quite some time to really wrap my mind around not only the complexities of the measures I need to take in order to protect myself from future identity theft, but which companies to put my trust behind. Not only does one need to find services with the correct set of tools, but those companies have to deliver on their promises. If you need support of any kind, you need to know that someone will be available to answer your questions.

Here are the important factors to consider when you compare identity theft protection services:

Does the company gauge your risk? Some people have information floating around everywhere, and you want to make sure the company you choose has the tools to give you some sort of risk assessment, so you can close up the holes in your data security.

What measures do they take to stop identity theft before it happens? Do they scan black market Internet locations to make sure your credit card numbers, social security number, bank account number, and address are not being used improperly? Do they offer "lost wallet protection"? Do they offer "medical benefits protection"?

Do they offer phone support specialists? This is very important. If you suspect that your data may have been stolen, or may be in danger of being stolen, then you need an expert who can tell you what to do next.

Do they offer a warranty? Some companies offer up to $ 1 million in the event that their identity theft protection services fail you and your identity is stolen. This extra layer of protection is essential to completing your peace of mind.

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