Creative Leasing Ideas to Find Housing After Foreclosure

If you’re going through foreclosure, or have recently lost your home to foreclosure, your primary concern is probably finding a place to live. As you know, it can be difficult to get your first new housing after your foreclosure. Even people who are sympathetic with your situation may not feel able to rent to you with a very fresh foreclosure on your credit report.

A good first idea is to talk to small, independent landlords. They may have small apartment buildings or own duplexes or town homes. If you explain your situation, are honest about the foreclosure, and can present a plan showing how you’re going to meet your rent obligation, many of them will be willing to listen.

It is not worth your time to talk to large apartment complexes. They have very strict credit rules. Even a manager who likes you and believes you will pay the rent may not have the authority to rent to you. Just about the only thing you can get from these complexes is discouragement. But smaller landlords may be willing to work with you.

If you cannot get a lease, look for subleases in your area. Quite often you won’t have to go through a credit check with the landlord, and if you can make the deposit with the person who leases the apartment, you can move in. When the sublease is up, you will have proven that you can and will meet your rent obligation, and you can use your landlord as a reference.

If you cannot lease or sublet an apartment, you may feel a little (or a lot) desperate. You cannot afford to live in a hotel, obviously, and living on the street is not an option if you can avoid it. You may feel you’re out of alternatives, but one creative idea may save you from being completely homeless while you look for an apartment or house you can lease.

This idea may sound a little odd, and it’s not something you would do by choice, but it can be a good short-term option while you shop for other opportunities.

You can rent a camping space for only a few dollars a night, and most cities have campgrounds nearby. In reasonably temperate areas, at least part of the year, you can purchase a tent for a few tens of dollars. You may not like the idea of living in a tent, but you’ll have access to showers and a place to sleep at night.

Many people do actually live in campgrounds, and like it. You may be able to find an older camper trailer for a very affordable price, and actually have a small home while you work your way up to affording an apartment. Either of these campground options can work if you have no other choices.

Your goal, in finding somewhere (anywhere) to stay after your foreclosure is to have some sort of choice. You may not be able to live as you’ve been accustomed, but as long as you have somewhere to stay in the weeks after you lose your home, you have options. You’re not homeless if you live somewhere, and just not being homeless lets you continue working, or look for a new job, or find other ways of qualifying for a rental. And you keep your self-respect, which is the most valuable thing you own. 

Source by Brian Higdon

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