Credit Card Debt! Is it Bad For Your Health?

Having any kind of debt is always a little stressful, but can having too much debt make you physically sick?

There are now strong links to suggest that the stress of having large amounts of debt can in fact make us more prone to a wide range of chronic health problems. This can include illness such as diabetes, stomach ulcers, severe depression, even heart attacks.

A certain amount of debt is good and can actually help us to build a stable financial standing but when the level of debt makes us feel overwhelmed it can be harmful. It could be that when we are under extreme financial stress, we tend not to look after ourselves. We tend to eat more, and not take time to eat fresh and healthy foods. We also tend to exercise less often, all of which can have a negative impact on our health and our ability to cope with stress.

Always consider carefully your financial position to make sure you are not subjecting yourself to too much stress. Do not make purchases you cannot afford.

If you have a current credit card debt there are now many options available to help you manage your debt. You could consider looking at one of the many balance transfer offers. Many credit card providers offer 0% on balance transfer for up to 12 months or more. Transferring your existing credit card debt over to a low interest credit card could save you on interest charges. But be aware that once the balance transfer period expires the interest rate will revert to the current rate.

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