Credit Card Debt – Make It Stop!

You open your mail and you find a credit card with pre-approved credit! How exciting! You decide to use it because the economy is tough and there are things you need and can't afford to pay cash for right away. Seems simple enough, use the card today and just pay a small amount every month till it's paid off, right? Wrong! Between interest rates and hidden fees that single purchase can literally double and can take you YEARS to pay off!

The credit companies count on our need as a society for instant gratification. They know if we have their little plastic card in our wallets and see something that we really can't afford but really like that we will whip that little card out and then we are theirs for life! Do you know if you are late even one time on your minimum monthly payments that they can raise your interest rate your whole balance?

Did you also know that the average American currently has $ 10,000 in credit card debt? What I am sure you don't know is that by paying your minimum monthly payments it will take you a whopping 40 years to pay off that $ 10,000.

The government has stepped in and amended the consumer protection laws in our favor! It is now legal and easy to get up to 50% of your credit card debt simply eliminated! You can take back the control over your financial life finally! The information is free and everyone has the right and the ability to find out how much of their credit card debt can be erased!

Source by Jenna A. James

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