Credit Card Dept of a Bank and Third Company

All banks are providing their Electronic cards facilities to the customers for making banking system easy, less time consuming and efficient. Banks always tries to provide better credit cart facilities and wants to fulfill user's demands.

The credit card is another department that runs under the control of the bank rules but has their predefined way of working for providing better facilities. Credit card department in a bank, usually, affiliated with another company which issues payment cards and operate under the name of the bank; Therefore, it is seen often that one's bank account numbers and corresponding card's differ from each other and most of the user become surprised of seeing that first time. This is because cards are made by another company with different numbers and basically when a card is provided to a user, credit card dept just make an electronic relation with the reference bank account number in their online system.

Most people do not know that the bank usually has another department for issuing and managing plastic and virtual cards and become surprised when they are asked to pay outstanding amount. These things happen because Card Company works behind it as a third party. The bank, basically, grants them as a detached department for easing their financial activities.

Credit card dept of a bank has separate set of staff for their dealings and activities; they may get separate places (or office) for their service. Retrievers and riders of the department are, usually, not refers to the bank; but refers to the card dept. for the failure of paying fees of their dues, these riders are assigned for personal dealing with the customer for collecting the dues from customers home or residence. Any kind of harassment is not allowed by the riders of collecting dues.

However, though card department is an individual part of the bank; but the dept is under control of the rules and regulations of the bank. If any unpleasant event occurs than the bank is responsible to take care of that matter and the employee are also under control of the bank. Therefore, users are recommended to inform the bank and card department if any unpleasant events occur. It is seen that some banks establish their own credit card dept and they control it by their own set of employee and controls all kinds of dealing with the card holders; However, it is becoming more preferred tradition to the bank today. Therefore, the choice depends on the bank's policy makers or the authority itself. Whatever be the choice, bank always try to provide better services to the customers.

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