Credit Card Design – How to and Why?

Credit cards are widely used and by almost every person from different walks of life, but one of the main factors that contribute towards the selection of a card is the credit card design. Apart from the basic functionality, a person would tend to get one that has an artistic design rather than a card with no design on it. Card companies these days allow provide the customer the option to design his or her own card, along with the package and interest rate that are convenient for the customer. The cards can be designed to have a photo from your personal collection or any other photo or image that you would like to have on your credit card.

You can format your own credit card design by going to the issuing company home page and searching for a button that reads, "Design your card." After clicking on it, you have to log in and open the "Design Your Card Tool" and customize the card the way you would want it by selecting the pre-loaded images available on the site or by uploading your own image. Some of the websites offer help and show you a demo of how to design your own card from scratch and the process is very easy and understandable. Various bank websites encourage their customers to have a design so as to make credit a more personalized experience.

Credit cards these days come in different appearances and designs from solid single color plastic cards to transparent cards with various designs on them. Although this are not virtual money they are the means or the face of the money, and this face has to be represented in a good and proper manner or it would create unnecessary risks while communicating with the society. The card has to be easily recognizable and the credit card design should not be complex and make it difficult to read the card.

Sometimes the images on the credit card do not appear the same as they would appear on the screen; This is due to the lack of proper printing quality that may give a slight color variation to the image, and the lamination of the card also affects the color quality on the card.

Source by Ruth Caldon

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