Credit Card Processing by Phone: A Great Alternative for Future Transactions

Seeking more alternatives is always a good move for proprietors and customers. As time goes by, modern businesses find better ways to improve daily transactions. These will not only benefit the merchants, but the people around them as well. Phone transactions are one of the best choices for payment activities since processing fees are lower than regular rates. Like any other transaction, this type of method prevents delays that may incur late charges on the account. Some payment transactions by phone offer real time interaction. Other systems will allow users to follow a step-by-step procedure, particularly a voice prompt. Once a user calls the number provided, the system instructs the person of the next step.

The main menu will give users ideas on how to navigate the system and make payments to avoid delinquencies. Again, major card services are accepted because banks trust the system and protocols of this type of transaction. Merchant account processing always helps during the transaction of different parties. After the process of an application, credit history of an individual will be reviewed. A potential account holder can then choose among the major credit cards already presented.


The benefit is clients can perform this kind of transaction almost anywhere. If you are looking for flexibility, this transaction can make faster payments versus manual processing. The clients can see the results faster because most activities are done in real time. This type of system has the ability to save the history of transactions. In providing services, it is a requirement nowadays to have a receipt. Receipts serve as proof a transaction occurred. Disputes will be easier to resolve because a receipt is available and kept for documentation purposes.

It is often difficult to have a comparison between the current systems because various methods were planned and developed so that it can be used in many different ways. The reason different payment transactions are present is that individuals have different business affected. Phone transactions are secure since it can also protect users against fraud. In addition, the system can track false information since people are asked to enter basic information such as card number, account number and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Posting of payments

In some transactions, the timeframe for payment postings on a bill is within 24 hours. However, this may vary by bank since there are internal policies set by management. Other online transactions can post payment within 3-5 business days. Each transaction will undergo an investigation process. The bank verifies the data which was included by the client, and someone from the bank will inform the processor. If the entire information was proven to be fictitious or fraudulent, transactions will be denied. The incident will be reported to the merchant and the payment processor involved. It is good to have safer transactions and to continuously monitor the information given by client. This will protect your business and secure transactions.

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