Credit Checks And Your Mortgage


Your credit report contains:

  • your creditors
  • the financials of each creditor
  • how many times your credit has been checked

The credit report is a comprehensive list of your relationship with recent creditors. This includes all of your currently open accounts, accounts generally closed within the past 7 years, and delinquent accounts generally within the past seven years. Your Creditors

This is a basic list of your creditors, including:

  • auto loans
  • mortgages
  • student loans
  • credit cards
  • department store cards

Financials of Each Creditor Each cred line you have is listed with the following information: original balance, maximum available balance, current balance, and any late payments.

Late payments are listed as 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, or more.

When a payment is late it is also noted what month and year the late payment was made.

How Many Times Your Credit Has Been Checked

Your credit score can be affected by the number of times you credit is checked.

If you have your credit checked too much new potential creditors may be reluctant to grant you additional credit. From the lender's perspective you are either getting too much new credit or you are being rejected by other creditors too many times.

Your credit report will usually list all of the companies who have checked your credit in the past 90 days by date. This can also tell them what type of new credit you have been looking for, such as a car loan or a mortgage.

The number of times your credit is checked is generally not the dominant factor in your credit. Other factors, such as payment history and loan balances, are usually more important. Just because your credit is lower after you have checked your credit doesn't mean the credit check itself was the main reason your score went down.

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