Credit – How to Request Your Free Online Credit Report

A lot of companies offer "FREE" processing and giving out of credit reports whereas the government mandated only three credible credit bureaus to give out the credit report for free. In order to loosen up all confusion inside, this article will serve as a guide to the true agencies that will give out credit reports for free. Some companies just claim that they are free but the truth is they have hidden charges.

Modern civilization has come up with good ideas on serving consumers, even with the standing economic crisis. Although companies live for business and would do anything for income, their consumers are also not neglected. After all, the air that these companies breathe comes from the consumers' finances. To protect these consumers, the federal government laid down a law that a report will be given for absolutely no fee to every consumer. However, this free edition happens only once a year. Not bad, I should say.

There are only three credible credit bureaus known to American citizens that would cater to the needs of consumers for free report. These are the TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. The creditors and financial institutions that you are a member of will report to these 'big three "agencies on a regular basis with updates to all of your transactions. Once you get hold of your report, you can see that there will be no transaction left Unrecorded. This process is like a two bay beneficiary system. The consumers' rights are protected from abusive agencies and the agencies will also be protected from deceitful consumers.

Make it a habit to check your reports annually because even if the system for recording all your transactions are computerized and almost perfect, it can still slip off and give you a negative back fire on your report. It is also not a known fact that the agencies make a lot of mistakes, however, just to make sure that everything is well accounted for, examine your documents very well and report any suspicious entries.

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