Credit Repair Myths – The Truth About Cleaning Up Your Credit Report and Boosting FICO Scores

There are many credit repair myths that keep people from attempting to clear their credit history of negative items that are dragging their FICO scores down.

This article will help to clear up some of the more popular credit repair myths and give you a better understand the truth about cleaning up your credit report and increasing your FICO score.

Myth: It Does Not Work

Fact: Nothing is further from the truth, not only is it very possible to dispute and have negative items removed from your report.And when done correctly it can be done in as little as 30-45 days.

Myth: It is Illegal

Fact: As long as you are not trying to create a new identity fixing your credit is not illegal. In fact under the fair credit reporting act you have the legal right to dispute anything that is on your report.

Myth: It Is expensive

Fact: While it is true that some companies charge a ton of money in order to repair your report you can do it yourself for well under $ 100. This is much cheaper then the companies that charge well over $ 100 per month to provide yo with their services.

Myth: You Need To Hire a Service To Do It For You

Fact: With the so many effective and affordable self credit repair kits on available today there is no reason other then paying for the convenience that you need to pay a service to boost your FICO scores when it is so easy to do own your own.

Source by Darin Sewell

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