Credit Repair: What to Expect From Companies Helping You Raise Your Credit Score

When you type "credit repair" into Google, chances are pretty high that you'll be charged on all fronts by outrageously outlandish promises and guarantees to have your credit fixed, your debts completely wiped out, and all your money problems behind you for good , apparently guaranteed.

As I'm sure you've already guessed though, no one can actually guarantee you any kind of results when it comes to credit repair. Anyone who says they can is flat-out lying to you. So who can you turn to for help in fixing your bad credit when you do not know the first thing about doing it yourself? If you have to turn to a credit repair service, how can you be sure you're getting your money's worth?

Here's the thing: Credit repair is important, but it is not guaranteed. Companies that deal with your credit have a lot of third parties to deal with when it comes to fixing your credit – everyone from credit bureaus to collection agencies and a ton of customer service reps in-between, so anyone who tells you your credit will look like new in a month is full of it. Start your road to financial recovery by shifting a major of your focus and expectations from simply "credit repair" to credit validation and debt settlement.

Disputing negative items on your credit report is important, but the only sure road to relief is through working with you and your creditors towards settlement options. Settling your outstanding debts can free up a lot of your funds to do with as you see fit (so long as you avoid any more credit pitfalls). If you have not already, you may consider creating a working budget, so you will not have to worry too much about falling into this financial trap again.

Rather than falling for promises that can not be realistically kept, start your road to credit repair by shifting your priorities to realistically obtaining your goals through debt settlement and validation options. Because the only kind of results anyone can guarantee you in this business are the results you make for yourself. So rather than fall for false promises, start working to repay your old debts – it's really the best way to truly restore your credit.

If you are prepared to take the sensible route and acknowledge the credit problems you have, then those companies that will help you make the most of your efforts, and help you to get the results you are after as quickly as possible.

What these companies can not do is repair your credit for you, that is just not possible. The action needs to come from you. A sensible budget and realistic payment options for debt are among the many things that a reputable credit repair company can offer. Constant communication and progress towards your ultimate goal measured on a month by month basis is all part of the service.

But if a site promises a "push button" solution to your credit problems, then run a mile. Such a solution simply does not exist.

Source by James Judd

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