Credit Reports – Get Your Credit Report For Free More Than One Time Per Year

Your credit profile represents your integrity on paper – did you know it was that important? Many people don't know that their integrity is under scrutiny when their credit is accessed or they would have a more preventative and healthy approach to caring for their credit needs. Companies that access your file use this information to determine if you have enough integrity to be trusted with their business. This information is even viewed to determine if a particular job you are applying for can be upheld properly based upon the way you treat your business accounts. Wow. Going to school requires you to have integrity to ensure that you will be a good candidate for alternative or private loans.

Knowing what your reports look like is the first step in controlling the way you present your integrity to others as a borrower or credible member of society. You've probably heard about accessing your credit reports for free once per year through websites sponsored by any one of the three major credit bureaus, but did you know that you have the right to access your credit reports for free for specific reasons? And you don't have to wait one time per year!

Although you can access your credit report for free yearly, you can also access your credit reports for free if you qualify under certain circumstances. If you receive any kind of government assistance from an agency such as the Department of Human Services, you qualify to receive your reports for free any time you request a copy. If you have been denied for credit for any reason, you can receive free copies also. Unemployment is also a cause for receiving access to your information because your reports can determine if you can qualify for certain jobs.

Getting a free credit report in order to determine what steps you should take to either restore or enhance your standing is your right. Call 1-800-FACT-ACT to order your reports today, and make sure that the information is accurate. It is the job of the three major bureaus to ensure that your profile is reporting information that is accurate and up to date. Make sure to dispute any discrepancies and check for any potential threats such as what may occur with identity theft. If you do not recognize an address or find entries that you do not recognize, be sure to inform the bureaus right away.

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