Credit Score Guide – How to Maintain Good Credit Scores

Credit score is a number that is based on financial trustiness of a person. Credit score can be easily determined by credit report that contains all history of your bills (payable/paid), credit info or anything else that would affect your financial creditworthiness. All lenders like banks and credit card companies use credit scores to know the financial ability of consumers.

With the help of credit score, loaners can easily determine the abilities of borrowers, assign the interest rates for loan and check the credit limits.

Credit score determination is the first step in the process of granting a loan. Credit score plays an important role in your ability to get credit cards, mortgages and loans. Credit score is actually a mathematical formula to calculate and translate credit history into single/numerical digits. Best credit score enables you to get instant credit at certain places such as electronics stores and departmental stores.

Lenders mostly use different scoring methods to calculate credit scores of borrowers. People can improve their credit score by following certain points like accuracy of credit report, on time payments, by paying outstanding balances, and by not lending new debts.

Creditors should close their old accounts at right time. They shouldn’t open new accounts in the hopes of raising their credit scores.

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