Credit Scores Count – A Personal Financial Book Review

We seem to live in a world of credit. It seems to propel our society and civilization. However, far too many citizens do not understand how credit works, and they really have no clue as to the benefits or economic enslavement which can be caused by compounded interest. It's amazing that we do not teach this in our schools, and that financial literacy does not rank up there with reading, writing and arithmetic because it is quite obvious that these are just as important to success in our modern society.

If you are interested in maintaining a high credit score, and you have found things on your credit rating which are either incorrect, erroneous, or perhaps, even fraudulent, then there is no doubt you'd like to correct these things. If so, there is a great book that I'd like to recommend to you on this topic, one that I have in my personal library, the name of the book is;

"Credit Correction Manual; How to Repair Your Credit -Step-By-Step Guide" by Henry C. Simons

The book describes the psychological behavior of consumers with credit cards; their greed, needs, and wants, which leads to abuse and deep debt, eventually economic enslavement. Mr. Simons also discusses the fundamentals of credit. In Credit he talks about the four C's;

  1. Character
  2. Capital
  3. Capacity
  4. Collateral

The book also describes in full "The Fair Credit Reporting Act" or FCRA of 1970, and how you as a consumer are protected, and have rights. There is a full chapter about the Federal Trade Commission's role in protecting consumers from credit fraud. I highly recommend this book to anyone who owns a credit card. Indeed, I suppose that's just about everyone. So please consider this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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