Debt Negotiation – 7 Powerful Examples of Successful Debt Negotiation

There are many businesses out there that were deep in debt but used Debt Negotiation to get themselves out. If you are taking out loans and owe a lot of people money, this is how most debt problems start.

I would like to tell you about 7 Powerful Examples of real companies that have taken the step to get help for there business.

Example 1

A Dental Practice owed over $ 1 million in Credit Card and Equipment debt. This situation caused him to close 1 of his practice locations. The Commercial Credit Counseling team negotiated this amount to $ 375,000.

Example 2

An upscale optical business had a large credit card, vendor and equipment debt. He owed $ 300,000. His debts were negotiated down to $ 75,000 which allowed him to sell his business and make a nice profit.

Example 3

A Chiropractor business with a SBA loan of $ 240,000 could not make payments. Through Debt Negotiation there loan went down to $ 60,000. This allowed the Chiropractor business to make the payment so they were able to save $ 180,000.

Example 4

A Restaurant owner took out a business loan of $ 25,000 from Bank of America. His loan was lowered to $ 3,909.85.

Example 5

A business that took out a loan for $ 54,000 at Wells Fargo Bank, so that they could purchase the equipment that they needed. They could not pay the loan back so they decided to get a Debt Negotiation to help get rid of the debt. The settled for $ 18,438.00.

Example 6

A Young woman has a mastercard Debt balance of $ 3,379.36. Because she decided to do something about her credit card debt, she saved 70% by getting Debt Negotiation and allowed the Commercial Credit Counseling team to help her get out of debt and save her money at the same time.

Example 7

A Manufacturer told the Commercial Credit Counseling team that a lawsuit has been issued to them for $ 150,000. The Commercial Credit Counseling team worked very hard to negotiate the Lawsuit. The results were the following.

1. The Lawsuit was lowered to $ 7500 from its original debt

2. $ 300,000 in credit cards and vendor debt was negotiated to $ 100,000.

Source by Leslie N Johnson

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