Delete Items From Your Credit Report – 3 Items That Can Be Removed

Considering applying for a mortgage or car loan? Worried you might have some black marks on your credit report? Don't get worked up just yet, you can delete items from your credit report, you just need to know which items to start with. These three items listed are important ones to start with, while not the only items to dispute they are a good place to start.

1.Charge Offs: This is probably a term not everyone is familiar with. A charge off is a piece of debt that has been written off as un-collectible. How ever the debt is still legally valid, and paying that old charge-off won't delete the item from your credit report.

You should aim for having paid charge offs removed from your credit report. When you're trying to delete items from your credit report charges offs should be a first that you attack.

2.Repossessions: Another big negative that is supposed to stay on your credit report for 7 years are repossessions. A negative mark like this will have a major effect on your credit score. How ever you don't have to wait 7 years before applying for credit again on a home or car.

Repossessions can be a tough item to have deleted from your credit report. How ever if you have one listed it is almost a must. Removing a repo could very well require the help of a credit repair professional.

3.Late Payments: While probably not always considered to be an important item actually account for up to 35% of your over all credit score. One late payment can normally be forgiven by the creditor, just call them and request nicely that they remove the item from your credit report. State the reasoning for an issue with the mail, or possibly your online banking provide.

Multiple late payments is a big problem. When you want to delete items from your credit report late payments definitely need to be part of your plan. If you've been consistently late you're likely going to need the help of a credit repair lawyer or other specialist to dispute and successfully remove them.

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