Discharge Your Past Due Credit Card – The Ultimate Credit Card Debt Relief Program

Did you know you can legally and ethically have your past due balance discharged? $ 10,000 on a credit card will cost you 40,000 in interest and take you 40 years to pay off. It's not uncommon for people to have $ 50,000 in debt and if they only make the minimum payment each month, which 90% of people do, these individuals would have to live until they are 200 years old to pay this debt off.

Credit card companies keep this fact from being widely known.

You should not spend your life in debt when you can discharge it. Private companies are now opening their doors to the public, so you can have your past due balance discharged without another phone call from your creditor.Unpaid credit debt causes 95% of cardholders to declare bankruptcy and you have options so this does not have to happen to you.

You can get relief from credit-card debt if you are tired of your past due balance by getting it discharged.

The US government is forming new consumer protection laws to protect debtors from their creditors. Debt is destroying our country and is not stimulating our economy but only making the credit card companies rich. Americans have been educated by their creditors which has caused the major downfall of our country and so the government is tightening the laws that protect debtors.

Staying in debt is now an option in the United States, there is no reason to keep being harassed by your creditor and paying exorbitant interest fees when you can legally eliminate credit card debt.

Source by Scott Chaflin

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