Discover How to Hire the Right Credit Repair Company and Avoid Being Ripped Off

There are literally thousands of choice when it comes to picking a credit repair company. There are local companies, national companies and internet companies all promising to give you a higher credit score. But how do you know you are picking the right company for the job?

Any reputable credit repair company will have a website and a physical office. An office and website shows capital investment and a commitment to building a business. Verifying a firms physical existence is important because there are many fly by night credit repair companies that are actually people working from there homes.

Any company that requests you to participate in unusual activities such as developing a new identity or trying to use an EIN number should be avoided. Those are very deceptive and some times illegal ways of improving a consumers credit score.

If the company you are considering wants to charge you for a consultation or claims a large set up fee you should avoid that company. A good credit service will offer free consultation and only charge a minimal set up fee. The set up fee will cover the cost of the first credit report and other small expenses.

The most important thing you can do is to ask for references and testimonials. You should also ask for past clients that you can contact to verily the services that are provided. Any reputable company will be more then happy to provide you with this information.

Your credit is the most important financial asset you have. Trusting it to just anyone would be foolish and irresponsible. So always make sure that you thoroughly investigate and credit fixing service before you pay, and remember to get all guarantees in writing!

Source by Darin Sewell

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