Dispute Credit Report Errors with These 6 Steps

# 1 Get Copies of your Credit Reports

You should be doing this already, how ever don't feel bad if you're not. There are websites that you can request copies of you current credit reports. This site supplies you with a copy of your credit report from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax free.

# 2 Draft a dispute letter and send it to the Credit Bureaus

When you locate mistakes you want to take action on them right away. Write a letter stating the error you've found, gather up the evidence and paper work you have to prove that it's an error and send copies of everything to the credit bureaus. Not taking action on a credit report error can cause big issues down the road.

# 3 Hold onto copies of all documents

When writing to dispute credit report errors never send in your original credit report, or creditor statements you're using as support. It's important that you keep a good file on your credit repair process, and have all items if requested in the future. Another piece of advice for protection is to always send items via registered mail. This will ensure the letter gets to them, and there is a tracking number for your own records.

# 4 Possibly contact the creditor of the error

Most data is handled by computers and those that do data input these days. There is a chance that someone accidentally enters an incorrect SSN meaning something gets tacked to your credit that shouldn't be. When you contact the creditor they are required to correct the situation on their end, and in turn report that information to the reporting agencies. This will also support the claim of the error.

# 5 Understand what happens during a Credit Report Dispute

When you dispute a credit report the bureaus have a reasonable time frame in which to investigate your claim. Normally this will take 30 days or so, at that point if they cannot find or receive evidence that the item isn't an error it should be deleted. Understanding what happens after you send your letter will help you know what to expect, and support your arguments if required.

# 6 Seek Legal assistance if needed

This is for more serious credit repair, and dispute cases, but there are credit repair lawyers that can help you draft credit dispute letters and help handle your case. If you feel uncomfortable handling the process yourself, or wold like someone to discuss your options with, consider seeking out a lawyer you specializes in credit report disputes.

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