Divorce and Bad Credit – How Divorce Impacts Your Credit Score

Divorce can also bring down your credit score like charge offs, judgments, bankruptcies. Even in the most organized divorces where all the legal rules have followed, the credit score of one or both parties can be badly affected. There could be multiple reasons of it, you only can only assume that the judge will fairly divide debt responsibilities among both of the parties.

The credit bureaus will not consider the decision of judge especially if you had a joint account with your spouse. Credit bureaus view it, if there is any judgment or defaulter of payment on your ex-spouse's behalf then you are equally considered responsible for it. It will also affect your credit score.

Let's suppose "A" and "B" are two persons which are now separated, in the decision of judge "A" is responsible for "C" and pay on time every month. "B" is responsible for "D" and if "B" does not pay on time then according to court "B" is only responsible for it but automated computer modules of credit bureaus "A" will also be responsible for it.

If you try to explain this to credit bureaus then they will not hear even a single thing and rely on their computers. To boost up your credit score you have to pay on the part of your ex-spouse which is not fare. Fair Credit Reporting Act regulates all credit bureaus and do not permit them to add an objectionable item on credit report of anyone without a legitimate reason.

You can write a dispute letter by utilizing your rights given by FCRA. You can use your own efforts to solve this case if you have proper command over credit laws but in such type of case as discussed above your try to solve this case make it worse. It is better; you handle your case to competent and experienced credit repair attorney to get positive and instant results.

Source by Natalie J Johnson

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